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Sea World - Over 100 acres houses one of the world's largest marine-life amusement parks. Sea World is definitely San Diego's most popular attraction. See show after show after show and still want to see more. Sea World is home to the very popular Shamu show with giant killer whales, also see shows with dolphins, sea lions, water ski stunts and much more. Check out the "Mission: Bermuda Triangle" show which replicates the thrills of a submersible dive to the ocean floor. $30.95 per person. Located at 1720 South Shores Rd., Mission Bay, San Diego. (619) 226-3815.

Firehouse Museum - Dedicated to all Firefighters, the Firehouse Museum displays a large collection of fire-fighting equipment and memorabilia from across the country and around the world. This amazing story of fire-fighting is displayed in memorabilia, photographs and equipment. Come see what our fathers, grandfathers and great grandfathers had to use when it came to fighting fires.

San Diego Wild Animal Park - Located 32 miles northeast of the Zoo near the city of Escondido in north San Diego County, the San Diego Wild Animal Park is 20 times larger than the Zoo. It is also a completely different experience than a visit to the Zoo. The 1,800-acre wildlife preserve, which allows visitors to view herds of exotic animals as they might have been seen in their native Asia and Africa, was established in 1969 under the directorship of Dr. Charles Schroeder. It opened its gates to the public in 1972 and has grown more impressive ever since. Today, the Park has over 3,500 animals representing 260 species, and is also an accredited botanical garden.

San Diego Zoo - Located in beautiful Balboa Park, the 100-acre World-Famous San Diego Zoo was founded by Dr. Harry Wegeforth in 1916. This colorful and extremely enterprising San Diego physician started the collection with 50 animals gathered from various local menageries. Today, the San Diego Zoo cares for over 3,800 animals of 800 different species. Its collection of animals, as well as its plant collection of over 6,500 species, is acknowledged as one of the finest in the entire world.

San Diego Aerospace Museum
- The San Diego Aerospace Museum brings to life aviation's rich heritage through a dazzling collection of over 65 U.S. and foreign aircraft and spacecraft.

San Diego Balboa Park - Though Balboa Park isn't the largest park in San Diego (Mission Trails takes that honor), the horticultural wonder in downtown was recently recognized as the best urban park in the Americas, including the U.S., Canada, Mexico and all of South America. And now, the administration at Balboa Park can say that all of these factors have made Balboa Park the best park on our continent.

San Diego Maritime Museum - In 1927 the Star of India was donated to a group of San Diego historians who had a dream of restoring the sailing ship. Despite their good intentions, they lacked the money to adequately maintain the Star. It was not until 1957, when Captain Alan Villiers, a famous skipper and author, came to San Diego on a tour and saw the dilapidation of the old ship, that things began to change. Villiers so reprimanded the city for their lack of responsibility that people began to donate money, even if only to relieve the burden on their consciences. By 1976 the ship's restoration was complete and she was sailing off the coast near San Diego. The San Diego Maritime Museum was founded in 1948. Prior to this official beginning, committee members had been involved with the Maritime Research Society, a branch of the Zoological Society. By 1958 the group broke away and became completely responsible for managing the Star. The museum expanded in 1973 with the acquisition of the ferryboat Berkeley and the steam yacht Medea. After six decades of carrying passengers across San Francisco Bay, the Berkeley came to rest at the San Diego waterfront acting as headquarters for the museum, housing workshops, offices, the maritime library and the gift shop.

San Diego Natural History Museum - is dedicated to interpreting the natural world through research, education, and exhibits; to promoting understanding of the evolution and diversity of Southern California and the peninsula of Baja California; and to inspiring in all people respect for the environment.

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